Beer & Business

On assignment with, I had the pleasure to visit one of Atlanta’s newest breweries, The Burnt Hickory Brewery. And for rather obvious reasons, let’s just say it was one fun trip!

I was introduced to Burnt Hickory by’s righteous video dude (Director of Video Production), Dan Fontaine. So we arranged a trip out to the Burnt Hickory Brewery and visited with founder and Brewmaster, Scott Hedeen.

Besides giving us a detailed look at his brew room and letting us “sample” his products, he told us about his business, how he got it started and what he’s doing to grow it. It’s a good thing we recorded everything because at the time of writing this post, we don’t remember too much about that visit! Enjoy!


One thought on “Beer & Business

  1. It seems there’s the potential for too much brand confusion with his products and online presence. Interesting video though. There’s definitely a lot of people trying out local beers. I make a point to whenever I travel.

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