The Babbler

About Me

I’m a marketing guy from Atlanta, Georgia.

I enjoy the ebb-and-flow of customer interactions and the art of marketing communications. I love what I do. Every day, I get to learn about my customers’ problems and find creative ways to solve them. As the Marketing Director at Tarkenton Companies, I spend my days (and nights) working and thinking about how to help those I serve. I also happen to be a mediocre writer… hence the reason for this blog.

Stuff You Didn’t Want To Know

• When I’m not working, you’ll find me hunting for historical relics or reading about them.
• People cannot understand why I do not have an ATM card.
• I check the stove knobs and door locks twice before leaving the house.
• I have a one-eyed, crippled, drooling, fat, Old English Bulldog.
• I have a beautiful wife but my daughter has her beat.
• Every week, I get to catch passes from an NFL HOF QB.
• My three dogs are named after famous Civil War Generals.
• I can’t believe you’re still reading this.

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